8 Safety Tips for Using Pressure Washer

8 Safety Tips for Using Pressure Washer

Safety tips/precautions ate the practices that you need to follow to minimize the accident rate. Every working process and equipment has some associated risks that you need to consider.

Just like all other equipment, pressure washers also comes with number of safety precautions that should be followed strictly.

The pressure washer-related risks can be minor to life-threatening. However, the careful use of this tool can make them super helpful.

Here we describe some safety tips that you need to follow while working with pressure washers.

Tip#1: Read Out the Instructions Carefully

All the tools come up with a manual containing all the information and methods. It is very important for you to know what you are using and how to use the pressure washer.

The provided manuals are always easy and short to read. You might find it boring to read but remember it’s for your sake.

Tip#2: Check Around the Working Place

The place you are working at might have stairs, uneven ground, wires, or other harmful things. Make sure to clean out the space properly, as anything can cause you to slip and fall.

Its essential to select a flat area where one can easily put a pressure washer before starting.

Tip#3: Keep the Kids Away

Kids usually get excited to see the water sprinkling all around like rain. You can’t keep an eye on your kids while working.

They might get a slip or touch the pressure washer, which is quite harmful to them. Keep the kids away when you are using pressure washers because the risks are unpredictable.

Tip#4: Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipments)

PPE includes all those clothing and equipment which can keep a person safe at the workplace. In case of pressure washer use, this equipment includes goggles, gloves, boots, complete clothes, & ear covers.

A lot of cases of hand and feet injuries related to pressure washers are being reported. This equipment will keep you protected from any injury, noise, slip, & debris.

Tip#4: Check the Nozzle type

In pressure washers, almost five different nozzle types are being provided that differ with the pressure rate. To avoid damage, check the nozzle pressure from almost 6 inches apart. If the pressure is not high enough for cleaning, you can change the nozzle.

Tip#5: Don’t Forget the Safety Latch

The safety latch is a feature on the pressure washer handle that prevents accidental activation of the washer. Make certain to engage the safety latch when you are taking a rest or putting the handle down.

This latch will minimize the repeated hassle of shutting down the washer every time you’ll put it aside.

Tip#6: Depressurizing is Important

Once you have turned off it, don’t detach its parts by removing the pressure completely. You can completely remove all the pressure by squeezing down the trigger.

Tip#7: Prefer GFCI outlets for Electric Pressure Washer

The combination of electricity and water can cause a big electric shock to you. When using an electric pressure washer, always plug it into a properly grounded GFCI outlet. These circuits are specially designed to stop electrocution (electric shock-related injury or death)

Tip#8: Beware of Gas Pressure Washers

A gas pressure washer is way too dangerous when used in an enclosed place. These washers produce carbon monoxide, which is impossible to detect but can lead you towards death.

For home applications, electric pressure washers are highly recommended with less noise & easy operation.

Final Words

Regardless of the equipment, tool, and process, safety is the only thing that you shouldn’t compromise on. A timely risk assessment & careful use of equipment can save you from life-taking moments.

Here we have provided you with a list of safety tips when you are working with pressure washers. Make sure to follow all the tips.