Can you wear real crystal necklace with other types of necklace?

Can you wear real crystal necklace with other types of necklace?

Perhaps you are wondering if you can match real crystal necklace with other jewelry types. The answer is yes. You can wear natural crystal necklaces with other kinds of chains. This is called layering. However, Some problems come with layering the wrong way. One of these includes tangling of your necklaces and nobody wants this. It is worse when more than one necklace gets tangled, and you have to put in a considerable effort to detangle.

Another issue is that it takes a bit of skill or knowledge to flawlessly pull off wearing more than one necklace. Sure, there are no rules to fashion, but you don't want to end up looking like a hideous character from a children's storybook. Here are tips you can apply when you want to layer a genuine crystal necklace with other kinds of necklaces.

1. Plan and plan well

Yes, planning is the first thing you need to do. Okay, you want to wear more than one necklace. What clothes for you want to wear? Think of clothes that complement the ensemble of chains you want to wear. If you already have a specific outfit you want to wear, then make this your base. The neckline of the top or dress also matters, so consider that.

2. Emphasize your best features

If you're wearing a deep V-necked top or dress, you can layer your Crystal necklace with a shorter one in such a way that shows your cleavage. You can also layer with a longer chain that hangs lower or a shorter one around the collar bone or both.

If you want to emphasize your neck and collect bone, it'd be best to layer with a couple of short necklaces or choker if you're wearing an off-shoulder dress.

3. Consider the activities for the day

If you want to wear a lot of jewelry (about three necklaces at once), you have to consider the activities for the day(or night). If you'd be going out dancing or doing any other strenuous activity, it wouldn't be appropriate to layer multiple pieces of jewelry.

4. The secret to preventing tangling

The only secret to prevent tangling is spacing. You can make the base piece the real crystal necklace and experiment with other necklaces to ensure they have enough space. Each necklace is treated as a separate piece.

5. Mix and match

You can mix your real crystal necklace with other minimalist pieces for a stylish bohemian look. You can mix and match with a necklace made up of leather, shells, wool, or anything you want. Just make sure you incorporate in such a way that the final look is coordinated.

6. Invest in adjustable necklaces

You can never go wrong with adjustable necklaces when it comes to layering. It comes in handy because you can adjust it to make room for enough space between chains, and it's convenient as you can layer this with anything.


As mentioned earlier, you can layer your Crystal necklace with anything. You just have to make it look presentable enough or coordinated, so you don't look too shabby. Follow the above tips, and you'll never go wrong.