Characteristics Of Human Hair Highlight Wigs

Characteristics Of Human Hair Highlight Wigs

People identify any highlight wig with its bold color. Most wigs come in black or any other single color. The strands of a highlight hair wig may be in one, two, or more colors, depending on the owner's preference. These wigs are lighter on the ends and darker towards the base. You can do the coloring yourself or have a stylist do it for better results. Despite being human hair wigs, highlight wigs have unique qualities. This extract points out the characteristics of human hair highlight wigs.

Characteristics of highlighted wigs

Highlighted wigs share common features but have distinct differences. Several varieties exist, so you must be precise when buying. They are made from varying human hair bundles like Brazilian, Peruvian, and others. Also, their forms differ; hence some are straight, wavy, or curly. However, their standard qualities are;

1. Human hair highlight wigs are definitely lace

The reason why human hair wigs appear natural is the presence of lace. These wigs have a lace base whose color is almost similar to the skin. This makes it unnoticeable as it matches the scalp. It looks so real that people may mistake the wig for your natural hair. Also, you can customize the lace by applying face powder if the color is too light. The lace provides a good ground for bleaching. It's also breathable, so no heat or bad odor is trapped.

2. They are Virgin hair

The term virgin means that the wigs are 100% human hair. They have never been treated chemically or dyed. So, it's easier to bleach unprocessed hair than processed hair. It's the reason why colored wigs deteriorate when colored too much. There are two categories of wigs; synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs don't hold dyes well. Moreover, highlighted wigs are so beautiful that they can only be from actual human hair.

3. Human hair highlight wigs have a plucked hairline

When purchasing a wig, you can get it plucked or not. Some manufacturers ship out pre-plucked hair to retailers like the human hair highlight wigs. It saves you the hustle to pluck and figure out the hairline. These wigs are beginner-friendly since prepping the hair is a crucial step.

4. They have clips for security

It's common to use an adhesive when wearing a lace wig. However, some people choose not to. They rely on the clips to keep the wig in position. Someone can accidentally knock off your wig while walking. Therefore, clips come in handy. They enhance your confidence no matter where you are. Since the front part has lace, they are neatly placed on the sides and back. They are small in size, so you don't feel them. They are also firm and comfortable.

5. Human hair highlight wigs have adjustable caps

Women have different head sizes. Highlight wigs have stretchy wig caps to accommodate every person. They also have adjustable straps which you tie according to your head.


The features above describe every highlight wig. It's good to understand what they entail before buying or customizing your own. They have a lace base, are 100% human, have stretchy caps and clips for support. These wigs are already prepped, so all you do is wear them. Go for colors that enhance your beauty and work with your skin tone.