Different Types Of Glass Jar Lids

Different Types Of Glass Jar Lids

The use of glass containers is increasing in various sectors due to their bundle of benefits. Glass jars are most widely used in the cosmetic and food industry.

The consumption of these containers is not limited to the industries; however, many people use these containers for storing food items like beans, spices, etc., in their homes. The reason behind their extensive utilization is their astonishing features such as:

  • Glass jars are highly recyclable than plastic containers.
  • They are impermeable; it means your food item will remain protected from atmospheric contaminants for a long duration.
  • They are free from any toxic chemicals.
  • They are safe for food contact.
  • Glass jars are easy to clean and wash.

Nowadays, glass jars come with different types of lids. The lids can be made from bamboo, plastic, or metal. In this article, we have mentioned the most widely used glass jar lids.

Glass Jar With Bamboo Lids

The bamboo lid glass jars are well-liked among various people. The bamboo lid is prepared with a natural bamboo glass. Unlike plastic lids, bamboo lids are eco-friendly. Bamboo lid glass jars are known for storing food items safely for a prolonged duration.

Bamboo lids glass jars are the healthiest containers due to following reasons:

  • They are free from any toxic chemicals, such as BPA.
  • Unlike plastic lids, bamboo lids do not release any substances that can contaminate your food item.
  • They are highly recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Bamboo lids are safe to use in fridges.
  • You can also put these glass jars in the oven.

Glass Jars With Cork Lids

These cork lids glass jars are best for keeping spices and herbs. The lid of this jar is made from sturdy and highly durable cork material.

These cork lids provide a perfect dry seal and protect the spices from moisture. You can also use these jars to keep oil, vinegar, soap, etc. These jars can also be used for decorative purposes.

Glass Canisters With Glass Lids:

These jars contain an airtight glass lid. You can use these jars in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

They feature a cylindrical shape. The glass lid is lined with a silicone ring to create a tight seal.

You can use these jars in the kitchen to store pasta, rice, flour, sugar, etc. In the bathroom, these jars can be used to keep soaps, sponges, etc.

You can easily observe the quantity of the stored food item through this see-through container. The whole jar is made from glass, with a lid you can place in the dishwasher.

Glass jars with plastic lids:

In the past, plastic lids glass jars were widely used in the kitchen to store food items. They are being replaced with bamboo lids glass jars due to safety issues.

Plastic lids can leach toxic chemicals into food items. Moreover, plastic is made from harmful chemicals such as BPA, so it is not wise to use this container for food storage.


If you are looking for chemical-free and healthy containers to store your food items, then you should try a bamboo lid glass jar. These jars can preserve your food items for a prolonged duration.