How to get free fut coins?

How to get free fut coins?

The newest launch of FIFA 22 has introduced so many new features for the players. There are many new things if you compare it with previous game. One such change is that you can have free fut coins in this version. All the newly added techniques will help enhance your gaming experience which is what you longed for. And to enjoy even more, it’s up to you to make a team of your choice. For that, you must have players that can win your games. If you are good at trading, you can buy them as items and use them. You can also buy them at “Transfer Market”.

You can only use FUT coins to buy players in FUT market. You must have this virtual currency in order to win the matches. Better players will enhance your chances of winning.

Let’s take a look at how you can get free fut coins.

· FIFA 22 Glitch

Many online sites claim that there is a glitch in FIFA 22 which can let you win millions of coins. And you don’t need to play a single game for it. It may or may not be a reality but if it brings you so much, you must go for it. If you search this term on Google, you will find many videos about how to claim this. Even if it is a glitch, FIFA might have resolved it. The reason is that the entire world knows about it. So, FIFA obviously knows about it as well. Also, many players would have registered complaints in this regard.

Many YouTube videos will tell you some bizarre ways to claim these free coins. And there is nothing wrong in doing that. But you may end up losing your account because of it. So, take every step wisely and don’t believe in any such rumor.

· Coins Generator

You may not find many valid coin providers in your area. Nor there are any sites that offer coins for free. Even though some offer Giveaways but that too is a scam to attract people. Some providers will ask you to participate in different tasks and complete them. This is a completely different scenario. Some websites also claim that they are having “Coin Generators”. You might have seen them saying, “Generate as much coins as you want”. And they start asking your username and other details  such as game platform.

After that, they will tell you to complete a survey which will prove that you are not a robot. This also depends on the “IP Address” you are using. But you either need a valid phone number or credit card info to complete this survey. So, there is no way you should trust these websites. This will let you lose all the available points, and you will get banned from the game also.


You need to avoid scams in order to keep your FIFA account in a better condition. That’s possible only when you play the games seriously and avoid clicking on any link sent to you. Otherwise, the results may not be in your favor.