How to Pick the Right Heels for your Dress

How to Pick the Right Heels for your Dress

Fashion is one thing that makes you stand out whenever you walk into public spaces. The clothes you wear give an impression for people to judge you and create a mental picture of your character. However, the heels you wear on your feet go a long way in ensuring that your elegance is noticeable. For example, your navy blue heels will make your beauty in a dress with different shades of green. There are tips for picking the right heels for a dress:

a. Consider the occasion

The event you want to attend should give you an impression of the type of heels to wear. As a norm, it is important to consider solid color heels when you want to go to the office or an official meeting. The need for such a choice is that the occasion requires attention to the main event. Attending with footwear having contrasting colors will distract the members who will focus on you. The dress for such footwear should also be plain but of a different color.

b. Consider the season

The type of heels you choose to put on should be suitable for the weather conditions of the time. Avoid footwear that makes you unstable during the rainy season. The suitable choice is to put on wedges that are considerably low and offer stability so that you walk comfortably. The season is also unfavorable for footwear with bright colors since they become dirty quickly. However, you can rock your favorite footwear during the summer.

c. Contrast the heels and dress

Contrasting appearances between the dress and what is on your feet helps make one stand out to avoid distraction. For example, plain dresses do not attract much attention, and you need to wear bright colors on your feet. However, the reverse applies where patterned dresses do well with plain footwear with a dull color. The two contrasting characteristics complement each other perfectly. The bright part of your fashion takes all the attention making the other part almost equally attractive.

1. Tall thin heels are suitable for short dresses

The trick for pulling off an elegant look when wearing a short dress is to ensure the heels are tall. The surface should also be thin since wedges are not compatible with short dresses. When you pair short dresses with tall footwear, the look you achieve fits both office and common spaces. The trick is to find complimenting colors.

2. Foot exposure goes with long dresses

Another tip that will help you pull off an elegant look is to have some foot exposure for long dresses. The long dress covers your body, leaving minimal room for skin exposure which is important for a fashionable look. However, you can compensate for the downside by wearing footwear with straps that expose parts of the feet.


The choice of heels depends on many factors that are easy to identify. The trick for an elegant look is to ensure a reasonable contrast between the dress and the heels. The benefit is that you capture attention without being too extra. The many types of footwear available give you an option to discover what works for you.