Keep Your Automobile Clean With Regular Maintenance

Keep Your Automobile Clean With Regular Maintenance

Our pressure washers have a wide range of applications for automobile maintenance. Our pressure cleaners are not only built to your specifications, but we also carry a large range of replacement parts and accessories to keep your pressure washer running smoothly.

Undercarriage cleaning is one of our optional extras. Hand-held wands are ideal for a variety of everyday cleaning tasks. Ordinary wands, on the other hand, are not very effective at getting into tight spaces like the underbody of cars. To clean hard-to-reach areas, undercarriage cleaners use a pressure washer with a unique design that allows it to roll below items while spraying water upward. To get to your undercarriage, you will need an underbody cleaner unless you can raise your automobile into the air.

Many people who run huge automobiles are alert that the machine's body will become stained with dirt & grime, but what many are unaware of is that the truck's underbody also becomes rather dirty. Because this is the area of the truck that is hidden from view, the majority of individuals do not consider finding a means to get below.

While cleaning the underbody is not always straightforward, we have included some recommendations below on how to maintain a polished appearance when washing your large rig using the Legacy Undercarriage Cleaner.

Using the legacy undercarriage cleaner

The undercarriage tool's adaptable design makes it ideal for big rig owners who want to get down and dirty with their trucks. After connecting the underbody washer to your warm or cold pressure washer, you will not have to risk getting dirty crawling under your truck any longer. Instead, utilize the rotating assembly integrated into the frame to clean the areas beneath your tires.

When it comes to cleaning the underside of a big rig, there is no better way than to use the stainless-steel self-serve hose to get the job done. Check the underside of the vehicle for corrosion from time to time. First, use a lift to raise the truck. Inspect the frame rails, wheel wells, and exhaust that may be found under each door of the vehicle.

To get a spotlessly clean, we recommend utilizing hot water and detergent products like those described in our earlier blog post. With a 16-inch water broom that can handle a PSI of 4000 and a quarter-inch wand, it is easy to clean the exterior of your vehicle in a few simple strokes, making cleaning a breeze.

Why is undercarriage cleaning required

Big rig drivers are likely to encounter road conditions that are not ideal when they are driving across the country, across their state, or even just a few miles down the road. Salt can accumulate under your vehicle in colder, snowier climates.

Additionally, when driving on icy roads, there is a greater likelihood of getting ice caught underneath your vehicle. After the ice has melted, salty water will create which will react with the metal beneath your truck and begin the process of oxidization, which will eventually destroy it. A rusty surface is never a good indication and salt is tacky; the residue left behind by the salt will never be completely removed, and it can lead to more serious problems in the future.

Salt is not the only hazard on the road. At any time of year, oil and grime can also contribute to erosion. That is why you should take care to clean the undercarriage of your vehicle using a cooperative instrument like an undercarriage cleaner.