There's A Lot You Stand To Gain By Wearing Earrings! Here's Why

There's A Lot You Stand To Gain By Wearing Earrings! Here's Why

One of the first sets of accessories to ever be created is earrings, and even up till today, they remain in high demand. The reason behind this is simple, earrings that have been known to be used for females alone have now evolved to become an accessory that is now socially acceptable for both genders to be used for different reasons. Some of these reasons include displaying social status, expressing creativity, enhancing beauty, convenience, etc.....…

While all these reasons are good enough for anyone to start wearing earrings, there are still actual benefits you gain by wearing them. As we continue in this article, we'll be looking at some of these benefits.

Benefits Of Wearing Earrings

  • Boosts Immunity: When the rings are pierced Into the skin in our ears, it connects to the central ear lobe to give an  acupuncture effect (just like the way needles are placed in the body). This helps in eliminating all the negative energy all around the body thereby boosting your immunity level.
  • Improves The Reproductive Health: Research has discovered that the left side of the body is connected to our reproductive organs. So when the ring is pierced into our left ear, it connects to reproductive organs and helps to improve our reproductive health. It also helps to keep our reproductive organs healthy.
  • Improves Eyesight:The piercing of earring into the central lobe can be very effective in improving weak vision. This is because the central part of the hair is also connected to our vision and so when it is pierced, some acupuncture points which help to improve eyesight are activated.
  • Helps In Weight Reduction: There are acupuncture points that help you suppress your appetite called hunger points. An example of this acupuncture point is just beneath the ear lobe and when earrings are worn, it is activated. This in turn helps to control our food cravings and by extension help in reducing our body weight.
  • Helps In Managing Migraines:Research shows that the act of  piercing off the ear involves the piercing of the innermost cartilage of the ear. It's important to note that the ear piercing doesn't cure migraines, it only helps in managing migraine attacks.
  • Strengthens The Brain Health:This benefit works for the most for people who have gone through the ear piercing at a very young age. Studies show that the meridian points in the ear are connected from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere of the brain. When ears are pierced, these points are activated, and they help to develop the brain and enhance memory.


Earrings are great accessories and  as you must have seen in this article, there are many more benefits that are attached to the use of wearing earrings, besides wearing it for fashionable purposes. Now that you know some of these benefits, we hope you'll be encouraged to get a pair or two for yourself. You can always get wholesale earrings to have color options you can wear with your different outfits to enjoy these benefits. Nothing beats having a variety to choose from, and wholesale products are known to be quite cheap.